Dog Carrier Kangaroo Backpack

$25.90 $34
If you have a small dog you’ve probably encountered different situations when you need to hold your dog on your hands, on rainy days your dog can accidentally fall into a puddle or in crowded places someone might step on it, all those things make you uncomfortable and really limit your moves. This colorful kangaroo style front carrier is perfect for letting your furry friend "hang" out with you. Four separate leg holes will ensure your pet won't be squished. Additional collar attachment and zip-around closure will keep your pet safely inside. Adjustable waist and shoulder straps for the owner to wear comfortably. Carrier style and sizes are for small and tiny dogs only.

  • Breathable
  • Fitable weight: 10 kg
  • Item type: Backpack
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Soft and comfortable 

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